A substance abuse assessment is a formal, structured clinical interview used to determine to what extent a person has a substance abuse problem, and which treatment, if any, would be clinically appropriate. The interview addresses signs and symptoms of substance abuse and dependence and pay special attention to the way in which substance abuse has impacted different aspects of your life.

The assessment allows me to conclude your presenting problems and readiness to change. Treatment recommendations are made based on the results of the assessment to determine appropriate treatment placement by matching severity of substance use with levels of care. I provide documentation of the assessment summary with treatment recommendations to the referral source.

I use the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory-3 (SASSI), a brief, self-reporting, highly accurate and valid assessment tool used to determine if a person has a high probability of having a substance dependence disorder. The SASSI is nationally recognized as one of the best screening tools to identify substance abuse problems.

It has proven to be effective even when an individual knowingly or unknowingly tries to hide the presence of an alcohol or drug problem. Research indicates the accuracy of the SASSI-3 is not affected by gender, ethnicity, occupational status, marital status, age, or years of education.