Families can find themselves in conflict due to divorce, changes in family dynamics, differing parenting styles, financial concerns, substance abuse, child/adolescent behavioral problems, and many other reasons.

Family therapy will allow each member of the family to express their feelings and develop healthier relationships so they can improve communication, manage conflict, and create harmony in their family. Even families who do not have major issues seek help from a therapist in hope that minor issues will not become worse.

I help these families create more open communication and learn how to nurture each other so that they will have a stronger family bond. When families can respond to each other’s emotional needs, respect differences, and work through difficult feelings, families become stronger.  After a family understands and implements the concepts learned in therapy, they find they have better coping skills and problem-solving skills.

Some benefits of family therapy include:

  • Assists the family in identifying conflicts and stressors and help the family strategize to resolve them
  • Better manage and resolve conflict
  • Improves communication among family members
  • Clarifies roles and expectations
  • Improve physical and mental health of family members
  • Strengthens all family members so they can work on their problems together