Check Out What People Are Saying About Dreamel Spady, LCSW!!

I take pride in the quality and value of my services! I’m knowledgeable, professional, and I always give 100%! Don’t just take my word for it. Below are just a few testimonials that speak to the expertise and quality work you can expect from me! Please note that some names have been removed for privacy purposes.

Presenter for Decreasing, Managing, and Avoiding Stress Workshop

"This workshop is a great step for me in my life changing process. I have already started some of the suggested processes but this workshop helped me to refocus my efforts on centering/regaining my center." ~Bennis Blue

"Very informative, interesting, and at times humorous! Great!" ~LaTasha James  

"Loved the workshop!! Will start using the tips ASAP." ~Tosha

Presenter for Preventing & Responding to Child Sexual Abuse Workshop

"This workshop was an eye-opener. It provided me with knowledge and resources on how to handle and prevent child sexual abuse. I now have a different perspective on how to approach my child." ~Ms. Hiwott

"Very enlightening! As a parent and professional, I have learned information that can be used in both atmospheres." ~Anonymous, Workshop attendee

"Started on time, great. Not boring at all without props (PowerPoint, etc)." ~Anonymous, Workshop attendee

Presenter for Communication in Relationships Isn’t Rocket Science Workshop

“Loved the communication workshop, walked away with many useful and informational tips to use to enhance my communication in my relationship.” ~Tosha, Workshop attendee

“I enjoyed the group activities and group conversations.” ~Tiffany, Workshop attendee

“Thank you, you have helped a lot!” ~Kyle, Workshop attendee 

"Amazing workshop, fun, interactive, learned a lot about myself.” ~Rocherra, Workshop attendee

Guest Speaker for social work class at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU Professor: Liz Cramer)

“Thank you for your energy and showing us your style when it comes to group therapy. It was very helpful and educational, as well as fun.” ~Felicia, VCU student

“Thanks for the demo, it was fun to see how your personality plays out in your therapy.” ~Karmen, VCU student

“I really enjoyed your presentation! I like the fact that you allow your personality and interpersonal skills to build relationships.” ~Ashley, VCU student

Does Your Child Have ADHD? Maybe, Maybe Not Seminar 

"I enjoyed that the workshop was not tense. It was laid back with invaluable info. The presentation was great” ~Johnetta Gholson

“Dreamel is an excellent presenter. She is very upbeat and presents the info in a way that is easily understood." ~Anonymous

Parent Training for Foster Parents of Family First Children Services

“I like that she [Dreamel] made the class fun while explaining. She talks in a language I that understand.” ~Anonymous, Foster parent

Clinical Writing Skills Training 

"It was an absolute delight to have you with us. Your energy and ability to think outside the box with the group was priceless." ~ Tonya Morgan-Blaine, Owner of A Fresh Approach Youth Services

“Dreamel is very good at keeping everyone attentive; as well as she engaged the audience; very informative aery well organized.” ~Residential Counselor; A Fresh Approach Youth Services Organizational Retreat  

"I would like to take this time to thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us at the retreat. You did a wonderful job setting it up and making sure we were prepared. Your energy and passion to help our cause was amazing and well appreciated. Your rule – “what’s said in this room; stays in this room”, allowed people to get things out that needed to be said.” ~Jo White, CEO of Saving Our Youth

Virginia Healthy Relationship Conference  

"The feedback that Ms. Henry received from the teen-aged girls at our August, 2011 Healthy Relactionship Conference, was outstanding!!! One of the questions asked on our evaluation sheet, “Was the facilitator knowledgeable and answered the questions raised in your session to your satisfaction.” The respondents all circled YES! They also found her session to be informative and interesting! Ms. Henry is an excellent facilitator and I without hesitation will reach out to her for future presentations.~Rev. Inga Green, M.Div; Fifth Baptist Church

Parenting Workshop, “Teaching Children To Be Respectful"

“The parents were very pleased with the workshop. Comments included: "The failitator was very open and easy to talk to" "I learned a lot from the workshop" "I really enjoyed learning about ways to interact with my child" "Ms. Henry was fun" "Ms. Henry was very fun and down to earth." "I hope that we can have more workshops like this soon.” ~Verenda Cobbs, Neighborhood Network Coordinator at Coventry Gardens Apartments